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Rusty Pitts

My name is Rusty Pitts and I own Safeway Inspections. I have held many jobs in the construction industry and I am a certified home inspector. I have been it the fire service for 20 years and currently a Lieutenant at the Panama City Fire Department. In construction you have the benefit of learning the framework of a structure inside and out. A firefighter needs a keen eye for detail and the ability to spot evidence of current, past or potential future problems. These are the skills I use when performing a home inspection.

My mission is to be the best home inspector for my clients. In this field, I have found that the two biggest complaints about other home inspectors are dishonesty and unreliability. I strive to be the most honest and reliable inspector in the business. One of my main jobs as a home inspector is to give my clients the truth about their homes. This information puts my clients in the best position whether they are buying or selling their home. I do not work for realtors. I work with realtors to make sure the clients are satisfied and happy with the services they are receiving. Along with this, I am prompt, reliable and I take pride in excellent customer service!


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